Agile Marketing Mastery


Workshop description:

Marketers today are facing numerous challenges–increased competition, evolution, and adaption of new technologies, the customer always wanting more, and constantly shrinking available resources. Simply put, marketers need to do more with less. The process of planning and executing marketing campaigns have changed little in decades and marketers have realized this needs to change.

Great marketing results from of a successful collaboration of numerous personnel spanning different groups and agencies throughout an organization. Enabling successful collaboration within an organization is at the forefront of our Agile Marketing for Marketers workshop. This workshop will walk you through step-by-step on how Agile marketing can help you and your team get more done, quickly adapt to change, and do all this, better, smarter, and faster!

This workshop will explain the principles, processes, and tools that make up Agile marketing and how to tailor them to work within your organization. Agile marketing places a premium on team communication, customer collaboration, and the willingness to make iterative changes throughout the process. We discuss these values in-detail and show you how you can begin integrating Agile marketing into your team and organization immediately upon completion of our workshop.

Agile Marketing for Marketers empowers teams to work together and detail processes, successes, challenges and map how Agile can integrate into current processes. The workshop details the Agile process and method, and the importance on how team members communicate with each other and throughout an organization using Agile. We discuss how to gain team members’ and leadership’s confidence in Agile and ensure everyone works together toward the same goals. The second half of the training engages teams to work together to determine how they can integrate Agile into their existing processes and procedures. At the conclusion of this training, teams will understand Agile’s principles and practices, and also walk away with a plan on how to use Agile within their team and organization. The workshop uses case studies and testimonials for your industry.

“Cord’s Agile Marketing for Marketers workshop was incredibly well done. He introduced and walked our entire marketing team through what is Agile and how it works. He presented in an easy to understand and interesting way. By the time our training was done, we understand how Agile works and immediately began making plans to integrate into our organization. Cord was exactly what we were looking for!”

Michelle G.

“I was honestly a little sceptical that a one day training could really help an organization our size, but Cord without question proved us wrong. His workshop was engaging, interesting and educational all in one. The workshop included numerous exercises that kept everyone involved and before I realized it; we were actually thinking and planning using Agile. Cord provided us the foundation and plan needed to help take our organization to the next level.”

Alan R.

“I received nothing except great feedback from my team on Cord’s Agile Marketing for Marketers workshop. Cord did a great job of explaining how works while showing the team how they can integrate it into our team and company. The only thing my team was unhappy about was they did not believe they had enough time with Cord! That’s high praise coming from my team.”

Richard T.

“What most impressed me about Cord’s Agile Marketing for Marketers workshop was Cord’s understanding on how marketing organization work in real world. Cord understood that our large team like many organizations could not change our processes and procedures overnight. He explained how Agile can work with our existing process and integrate to allow us to work better, smarter and faster. That really resonated with me and my team. Cord understood how things work in the real world and provided us with the knowledge and recommendations on how to be better.”

Erica S.

“My team was looking for a training partner that could educate us while engaging and keeping the attention of a large group. We found all that and more with Cord’s workshop. Cord brought a lot of knowledge, a great personality and a training program that had us working as a team throughout the training. Cord’s main goal of his workshop was to get us up and executing Agile right then and there and definitely accomplished that goal. Cord was amazing to work with and we plan to continue working with him moving forward.”

Ellen R.

Full-day Workshop Agenda

# Module Learning Experience Summary
1 Setting  the Stage
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Course overview and workshop objectives
  • How Agile can help your marketing organization
2 Agile Values
  • Agile marketing history
  • Agile values explained
  • Testimonials: Industry specific marketing leaders utilizing Agile within their organizations

Today’s Marketing Process


Agile Way

  • Compare present marketing processes for most organizations vs. opportunities using the Agile Way
  • Case Studies: Oreo and Sketchers: Organizations using Agile to quickly react to situations and deliver marketing value and ROI
  • Workbook: Write in workbook the top three areas where Agile could help your organization

Breakout Session #1

  • Breakout in assigned teams and list out potential projects/campaigns coming up that might be a fit to run Agile
  • Group review and discussion
5 Agile Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Who is responsible for what and when in the Agile process?
  • The daily Scrum aka Standup
    • What it is, how it works, why it is a foundation piece of Agile
  • Exercise: Participants picked and led by instructor to perform an Agile Standup
    • Participants get to see how an in-person or virtual Standup or Scrum is performed
6 The Agile Process
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the Agile process
  • Agile teams succeed and fail as a team
7 Breakout Session #2
  • Now that you understand the Agile process how can you integrate Agile into your existing processes today?
  • Based on your present priorities, write down in the biggest areas Agile could impact your organization
  • Group review and discussion
8 The Value of Agile
  • What Agile can bring to your team and organization
  • Why team members and shareholders love Agile
9 Agile Estimating and Timelines
  • Schedule and plan sprints effectively
  • Properly estimate timelines and project scope
  • Team Velocity – Estimating team time resources
  • Planning Poker exercise using Fibonacci series
10 Breakout Session #3
  • Instructor shares a project description; participants vote on timing through a virtual poll
    • Participants get to participate in properly scoping a project in Agile
    • Participants share their thinking with the group on their answers to see how agreement and compromises are reached.
11 Q&A / Recap
  • First half summary
  • Q&A
  • Preview second half training



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