Empowering Marketers with Conversational AI and ChatGPT: A Hands-On Workshop


Workshop description:

The recent introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) applications like ChatGPT seems to have changed the world overnight. Marketers of every stripe have been challenged to understand how to use these brand-new tools effectively for their marketing campaigns. Many are overwhelmed, and possibly even a little nervous about implications for job security.

Fortunately, Cord Silverstein is offering a workshop designed to provide marketers with an in-depth understanding of AI and ChatGPT. It aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to integrate AI into their marketing strategies and executions effectively.

The workshop will cover various aspects of AI, including its history, applications in marketing, and the basics of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Participants will also get hands-on experience using ChatGPT and building detailed prompts to ensure AI delivers you and your team marketing success. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a solid understanding of AI and ChatGPT, and the skills required to use AI successfully in many of your marketing efforts.

Elevate your marketing strategies with the power of Conversational AI and ChatGPT. This comprehensive workshop is designed to equip your team with the essential knowledge and skills to seamlessly integrate AI into their daily marketing operations. More importantly, it provides insights into the responsible use of AI, ensuring that your team and organization navigate this digital frontier without compromising security or integrity.

Participants will gain hands-on experience in developing effective prompts, a crucial skill in leveraging AI for marketing. By understanding the intricacies of natural language processing and effective prompt building, you can significantly enhance the quality of outputs generated by AI. This practical approach to learning ensures that the knowledge gained is not just theoretical, but directly applicable to real-world scenarios.

(By the way, 90% of this workshop’s description and outline was written by ChatGPT)

Upon completion of this immersive workshop, every team member will emerge with a heightened confidence in their ability to utilize AI and ChatGPT. This isn’t just a training session – it’s an opportunity to transform your team’s approach to marketing, empowering them to harness the full potential of AI in their roles. Experience the profound impact of this training on your team’s proficiency and watch as they navigate the realm of AI with newfound confidence and expertise.

“I loved the interactive experience and appreciated that Cord went with the flow and all the many questions from our group. Cord was very engaging and well-informed about the topic of the presentation. Well done!”

Amy R.

“Cord is best at this. He did a great job. He showed us real, tangible best practices on how to best educate and integrate AI into our Marketing department. It was easy to understand, and the team walked away with a great deal of confidence on how to move forward.”

Bruce C.

“Cord was FANTASTIC. This training was directly applicable to my job and it was the best training I’ve been in. Can’t wait to apply the information I learned today.”

Alice L.

“Our team along with our entire organization has been struggling on how to best integrate and incorporate AI into our existing processes and tools. Cord’s workshop really helped all of us understand the power of AI, but also, the right ways to use it without jeopardizing our brand. It was by far the best workshop/training I have ever had!”

Connie R.

“My team was looking for a training partner that could educate us while engaging and keeping the attention of a large group. We found all that and more with Cord’s workshop. Cord brought a lot of knowledge, a great personality and a training program that had us working as a team throughout the training.”

Erik A.

Workshop Agenda

# Module Learning Experience Summary
1 Setting  the Stage
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Course overview and workshop objectives
  • Introduction to ChatGPT and its capabilities
2 AI and ChatGPT Basics
  • Explanation of AI applications in marketing
  • Explanation of how ChatGPT works
  • Understanding the limitations of ChatGPT

ChatGPT in Marketing

  • Overview of ChatGPT applications in marketing, including chatbots, virtual assistants, and conversational interfaces
  • Explanation of how ChatGPT can enhance customer experience, improve customer engagement, and increase conversions
  • Case studies of companies that have successfully integrated AI and ChatGPT into their marketing strategies

Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Explanation of how ChatGPT works and its present capabilities and limitations
  • Understanding the basics of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Explanation of NLP and its components
  • Understanding the role of NLP in AI and ChatGPT
  • Hands-on NLP exercises to developing superior prompts
  • Breakout Exercise:
    Using ChatGPT, attendees using ChatGPT create a question they want answered and develop prompts to better inform ChatGPT and receive better answers
5 Implementation and Integration of AI and ChatGPT in Marketing
  • Explanation of how AI can be integrated into marketing strategies
  • Best practices for integrating AI and ChatGPT into marketing processes
  • Tips for designing and building effective conversational interfaces
  • Strategies for using AI and ChatGPT to improve customer engagement and increase conversions
  • Breakout Exercise:
  • Develop a series of questions and prompts to help answer questions or challenges you have with an upcoming marketing campaign
6 Challenges and Solutions with AI and ChatGPT
  • Overview of common challenges faced by marketers when integrating AI and ChatGPT
  • Discussion of solutions to these challenges, including biases, ethical considerations, data privacy, and data security
  • How to best position yourself in the post-AI marketing world
  • Prepare for your job to change
7 Closing
  • Workshop summary
  • Q&A
  • Final thoughts and recommendations
  • Next-generation marketer


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