Powerful Email Marketing (101) and Advanced Email Marketing (102)


Workshops descriptions:

Powerful Email Marketing (Email 101)

In today’s world, there are endless ways to communicate. While often overlooked, email marketing can be an important inbound tool for having conversations and effectively engaging with your target markets. Email marketing should be rooted in every part of an inbound strategy, and a great strategy will deliver a significant return on investment. Learn why email marketing is an important part of inbound and how to build an effective email marketing strategy for growth.

To provide value to your contacts, you need to understand their needs. We will discuss and learn how to create a contact management and segmentation strategy that’s designed to help send valuable content in emails and create conversations that target markets will want to engage with.

When sending an effective email, you have a better chance of converting your leads into customers while providing true value to your audience. This will develop relationships, build trust, and continually delight your readers. We will discuss the key components of how to send the right email to the right person at the time and provide the most value to your contacts.

This workshop will detail email marketing best practices to ensure organizations understand how to setup and execute an email marketing campaigns that will deliver significant results in the short and long-term.

Advanced Email Marketing: Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level (Email 102)

Is your organization ready to elevate your email marketing game? You’ve mastered the basics and delivering solid results but believe there’s more opportunity for growth. You are right. Our comprehensive Advanced Email Marketing course is tailored just for you!

Dive into the world of advanced audience segmentation and learn how to use innovative techniques like behavioral and predictive segmentation, along with AI, to target your audience with precision. Discover the power of personalization and automation, mastering the art of crafting trigger emails and event-driven campaigns that resonate with your audience on a deeply personal level.

Sharpen your design and copywriting skills as we delve into the psychology of email design and advanced copywriting techniques. Explore the exciting realm of interactive emails and learn how to optimize for mobile and responsive design to ensure that your emails look stunning on any device.

Take the mystery out of email deliverability as we explore ISP relationships, authentication protocols, mail privacy protection (MPP), and email reputation management. Learn how to navigate the complex regulations of CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and more, ensuring your email marketing strategy is not only effective but also ethical and compliant.

Uncover the secrets of data analysis and reporting, learning how to integrate email data with your other business metrics and use predictive analytics to shape your future strategies. Understand the ins and outs of lifecycle email marketing, developing campaigns for each stage of the customer journey.

Finally, stay ahead of the curve with our module on emerging trends in email marketing. Understand the impact of AI and Machine Learning on the industry, the role of voice assistants, and how to integrate email with other digital marketing channels.

This course isn’t just about learning – it’s about doing. With interactive components, your team will begin developing advanced email campaigns during the workshop. They won’t just learn about advanced email marketing strategies – They will be applying them. Take your email marketing to the next level. Enroll in our Advanced Email Marketing course today and unlock your full potential as an email marketer!

Course requirement: Email 102 workshop should be chosen only by organizations which are comfortable and successful with their present email marketing and are looking to take an advanced workshop or your team has already taken the Email 101 workshop.

“I loved the interactive experience and appreciated that Cord went with the flow and all the many questions from our group. Cord was very engaging and well-informed about the topic of the presentation. Well done!”

Amy R.

“Cord is best at this. He did a great job. He showed us real, tangible best practices on how to best educate and integrate AI into our Marketing department. It was easy to understand, and the team walked away with a great deal of confidence on how to move forward.”

Bruce C.

“Cord was FANTASTIC. This training was directly applicable to my job and it was the best training I’ve been in. Can’t wait to apply the information I learned today.”

Alice L.

“Our team along with our entire organization has been struggling on how to best integrate and incorporate AI into our existing processes and tools. Cord’s workshop really helped all of us understand the power of AI, but also, the right ways to use it without jeopardizing our brand. It was by far the best workshop/training I have ever had!”

Connie R.

“My team was looking for a training partner that could educate us while engaging and keeping the attention of a large group. We found all that and more with Cord’s workshop. Cord brought a lot of knowledge, a great personality and a training program that had us working as a team throughout the training.”

Erik A.

Workshops Agendas

Powerful Email Marketing (Email 101)

# Module Learning Experience Summary
1 Setting the Stage
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Course overview and workshop objectives
  • Understanding successful email marketing
2 Develop a Successful Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email marketing strategies best practices
  • Identifying and detailing your top target audiences
  • Contact management and segmentation strategies
  • CASE STUDY: Industry specific marketing leaders utilizing email marketing successfully

Build Trust and Deliver Value to Your Email Audience

  • How emails can develop trust and relationships with your target audiences
  • Send the right email to the right target market at the right time
  • Breakout Exercise:
  • Idenitfy your top target audience demographic (be specific) and three themes or subjects your top target markets will find valuable

High Performing Emails

  • Defining your email marketing success metrics, what does success look like for you?
  • Breakdown the elements of a high-performing email and how to implement for your business
5 Successful Email Designs
  • Why design plays such an important to deliver successful marketing campaign
  • Best design and development practices to provide value to your target markets
  • Breakout Exercise:
  • Design your next generation email. What are the important elements that will grab the attention of your target markets? What will differentiate you from your competitors? What will your target audiences find valuable?
6 A/B Testing and Analytics
  • Consistently running A/B testing to determine what performs best
  • Iterative testing
  • Email analytics: Why analyzing is important and what to track
7 Closing
  • Workshop summary
  • Q&A
  • Final thoughts and recommendations
  • Not being afraid to fail

Advanced Email Marketing: Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level (Email 102)

# Module Learning Experience Summary
1 Setting the Stage
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Course overview and workshop objectives
2 Advanced Audience Segmentation
  • Understanding Different Segmentation Techniques
  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • Predictive Segmentation
  • Utilizing AI for Segmentation
  • Case Study: Successful Segmentation Strategies
  • Breakout Exercise:
  • Attendees identify and begin working on an upcoming email marketing campaign. Attendees are tasked with identifying opportunities to further segment their email lists and how that segmentation will offer better user targeting

Personalization and Automation

  • Deep Dive into Personalization Techniques
  • Advanced Automation Workflows
  • Trigger Emails and Event-Driven Campaigns
  • Personalization at Scale: A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing
  • Case Study: Successful Personalization and Automation Strategies
  • Breakout Exercise:
  • Based on what campaign was chosen, develop specific personalization techniques that will deliver better open and engagement rates

Advanced Email Design and Copywriting

  • Applying Psychology in Email Design
  • Advanced Copywriting Techniques
  • Mobile Optimization and Responsive Design
  • Interactive Emails: AMP for Email
  • Case Study: Emails with High Engagement Rates
5 Advanced Deliverability Techniques
  • Understanding Email Deliverability
  • ISP Relationships and Feedback Loops
  • Authentication Protocols (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC)
  • Managing Email Reputation
  • Mail privacy protection (MPP) ramifications
6 Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Advanced Email Metrics: Beyond Opens and Clicks
  • Cohort Analysis in Email Marketing
  • Integrating Email Data with Other Business Metrics
  • Predictive Analytics in Email Marketing
  • Breakout Exercise:
  • Continue developing email campaign by identifying how they could begin integrating predictive analysis and email data into their email campaigns to deliver better results
7 Closing
  • Workshop summary
  • Q&A
  • Final thoughts and recommendations
  • Iteration and learning


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